Company-level access to Back Office [BETA]

What it does

  • Easier access: This new feature will allow you to login to Bopple Back Office and switch between multiple online store accounts. Perfect if you manage a multi-site business with more than one location. Gone are the days of managing a login for each individual store account!
  • Insights: You'll also get access to a company-level view of our new Insights feature. 

At present this does not support company-level management of products, discounts or any other settings. For now the feature simply allows you to switch between multiple store accounts with ease. 


  • You have multiple online store accounts
  • Your store accounts are under the same parent company

Note sure if your stores are under the same company? Request access below and we'll check the set up of your stores. 

How to request access

  1. Create a customer account at (not
    • This should ideally be an email address on your business' domain (eg.
  2. Submit a request via with the following details:
    • "Company level access request"
    • The email you used to create your customer account
  3. Our team will review your request and follow up with next steps.