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Setting up your Store Profile

Now that you are signed in to Venue Manager, you will need to add your ABN/Tax Number and contact details.

Completing your store profile

Your store profile includes all the information that might be shown to customers at different times throughout the browsing and ordering experience. It is important to provide accurate and helpful info as this will help customers understand what your offering is and how they can get more info or assistance should they have trouble with an order.

In addition to adding a store name and address during signup, you will need to provide: 

  • Description (a little bit about your store and the offering)
  • Categories (select one or a few)
  • Phone number (so customers can contact you if they have any ordering questions)
  • ABN/Tax number (shown on customer receipts)

⚡ By adding your ABN/Tax Number you will be providing your customers valid receipts that they can choose to claim on tax. 

⚡ Be sure to add your email address and phone number if we ever need to get in touch. 

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