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Creating modifiers

Here you will learn how to create modifier sets and options.


🗒️ Modifiers are items within a product that allow your customers to customise their order by adding or removing ingredients and extras. 

Using the default Modifier Set 

🗒️ By default a Modifier Set called Select From is created to support variable pricing. This Modifier Set is useful for products that require variable pricing for sizes such as coffee products, catering items, or pizza. 

To create modifiers within the default Modifier Set

  1. Select Modifiers from the Menu 
    1. Edit the name of the modifier by selecting the Modifier Set Name text field
    2. If using for product sizes of all kinds (pizza, coffee, etc) edit the text to Size
    3. To add your product sizes select Expand
    4. Select +Add Modifier
    5. Enter your Modifier name (e.g. small)
  2. Select Save

Using Default Modifier

🗒️ Repeat these steps to create additional size options that are relevant to your menu offering.

Creating your own Modifier Set

    1. Select +Create Modifier Set
      1. Enter the Modifier Set name (e.g. milk)
        1. Enter Minimum Selection
          1. Set as 0 as not all coffee products require a milk option 
        2. Enter Maximum Selection
          1. Set this as 1 as no coffee product requires more than 1 milk option
      2. Select Create Modifier Set
        1. This will have created a Modifier Set named 'Milk'. 

    Adding Modifier options

    1. Select expand and +Add a Modifier
      1. Create a modifier item such as Full Cream
    2. Select Save.

    Repeat this step until you have added your modifier options.

    Creating your own Modifier-1

    🗒️ Follow the steps Creating your own Modifier Set and To Add modifier options in order to create all of your modifier sets and options that you offer.