Handling orders that don't appear in Lightspeed Kounta POS

All customer orders are prepaid, but there may sometimes be an issue with Lightspeed Kounta POS receiving a customer's app order. If the customer can show you the order in the app on their device it is valid and should be fulfilled. 

Read on to understand why orders may not appear, and how you should handle these situations. 

How & why this can happen

Order display in your POS will be delayed (until the issue is resolved) when: 

  • Your internet connection is poor/lost
  • Other apps are being used on the tablet (Kounta in the background)
  • The tablet screen is locked or asleep

Orders will not be shown in your POS (even after the issue is resolved) when:  

  • The order includes old menu data (eg. a product/option has been removed since the last sync)
  • Kounta's platform is experiencing a major outage

Orders may appear incomplete/missing items or information in your POS when: 

  • Kounta's service is degraded/experiencing a partial outage

Kounta service status

You can view and subscribe to email updates on Kounta's service status on the page below


How Bopple handles these situations

Without the contingency process below, any of the above issues would cause all new customer orders to be auto-rejected, resulting in a poor customer experience and lost orders/revenue for your venue.

Rather than auto-rejecting orders, we accept the order and take payment in-app. We then send you the necessary info in an email alert so the customer's mobile order can still be prepared and provided when they arrive in-store.

Customer experience

If a customer submits a prepaid app order and it is not able to be shown in Kounta POS (due to one of the issues above), they will be presented with a notification asking that they contact the team to confirm the order. After seeing this the customer will normally come and see you at the counter when they arrive or give you a call. 

NB: In this case, the customer has paid; they should not be made to re-submit the order or pay again over the counter. 


Venue process

Quick/easy process

  • Access the order alert we sent to your venue contact email, or
  • Ask the customer to show you the order details on their device, and then
  • Prepare the order as usual

Detailed process

Depending on the nature of the issue you will receive one of two email alerts. 

1. Action required: New order awaiting response

This means that your POS was not able to receive the new order; typically due to an internet connection issue, another app being used on the tablet, or your tablet being asleep/screen-locked.

  1. First try to resolve the issue with the POS/tablet (check the internet, ensure Lightspeed Kounta is running)
  2. If you can resolve the POS/tablet issue the order will appear for you to handle as normal.
  3. If you cannot resolve the issue on the POS/tablet, prepare the order based on the email; all necessary order details are included as shown below.

Whenever the issue is resolved the order will appear in your POS as a new order (even if this is several hours later):

  • If you've already provided the customer with their order, ACCEPT and READY the order.
  • If the customer did not receive their order for some reason (eg. they did not come into the store), simply REJECT the order to prompt an automatic refund.
  • DO NOT reject any order that was provided to the customer as they will be refunded. We cannot reverse refunds.

2: Action required: Problem with new order

Typically this occurs if your Bopple menu and your Lightspeed Kounta menu are out-of-sync (more info here), or if Lightspeed Kounta is experiencing an outage.

  • This order will never appear in your Lightspeed Kounta POS, but it has still been paid for.
  • Prepare the order based on the email; all necessary order details are included as shown below.

Important: Keep your venue info up to date

Contact Email

This is the email address we will use when sending email notifications for new orders that cannot be shown in your POS, so it's important you have the most appropriate email address listed.

Head to the VENUE INFO section of Bopple admin, check your Contact Email, and add/update if needed. Note that if you operate multiple venues, you'll need to check/update each one.

Trading Times

Your venue will be open and customers ALWAYS able to order during these times (even if your POS is offline), so it's important they are current and correct.

Head to the TRADING TIMES section in Boppl admin and review. If any changes are needed, simply edit the times and click save. More info can be found here.