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Adding your public holiday trading times

This article outlines the steps it takes to add public holiday trading times and days.

🗒️ By adding trading times in Special Dates, you dictate if your venue is completely closed that day, or you can enter restricted/adjusted open and closing times for the day. Once applied, your standard Trading hours will be overridden by the date-specific times added in Special dates.

Configuring times for Special Dates

Venue Manager works best in Google Chrome.

Google Chrome will assist in the formatting of the dates you enter.

  • Go to Venue Manager
  • Select Times
  • Select Special dates
  • Select Add special date
  • Enter a special name for the entry (eg. Christmas Day) and the date
  • To open on this special date, select the Closed option and then select Open
    • If you select Open you will need to enter your non-standard hours for that day
  • To close on this special date, leave the option as Closed.
  • Select Save
  • Repeat the process for as many special dates as required

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