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How do I add a public holiday surcharge?

This article will tell you the steps to take in order to pass on a public holiday surcharge to your customers.

🗒️ In order for venues to remain sustainable when opened during public holidays it is important to ensure you have taken into consideration a surcharge to be added to your customers orders. 

To add a Public Holiday surcharge follow the below steps: 

  • Go to Venue Manager
  • Select Fees
  • Select Add Order Fee
  • Select the option below Description and select Public Holiday Surcharge
  • Ensure the fee type is set on Percentage
  • Enter the %value you would like to charge for your orders. 

📢 When the fee is active it will immediately be added on to any incoming orders. To make the fee inactive, select the active toggle in green. 

⚡ The fee is not associated to any specific date. To ensure the fee is active on the public holiday, either activate the fee the night before or the day of the public holiday.