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How do I create a promotional code?

You can easily create and manage promotional/discount codes in Bopple Venue Manager. 

When used at the checkout in-app, these codes apply a discount to the total order value. You can apply restrictions to the code, such as a start and end date, usage limits, etc.

Basic code setup

Go to my.bopple.com/manager and head to the PROMO CODES page. Click the + Add Promo Code button. In the modal that appears, complete the fields as required/desired.

* Description Not shown to the customer. Use as a note on what the offer/code is for.
* Code Entered by customer. Maximum 8 alphanumeric characters.
* Discount Value Type Select from Fixed ($) or Percentage (%)
* Discount Value Enter the desired value in $ or %
Start & End Date Use these to optionally control the validity period of the code

* indicates a mandatory field

Applying restrictions

There are various ways you can restrict codes to drive usage by creating urgency / limited availability, prevent misuse, and create different kinds of offers. 

By tapping Add Restriction you can see the available restriction types.

You can apply multiple restrictions to a code but this should be carefully considered. While certain restrictions work well together, it's possible that two restrictions can clash and cause the code to not function properly. Please contact us if you have an idea you'd like to run by us before you set it up.

Restriction Types

Controlling code validity based on order value
Minimum order value Requires the order to be over X value before the code will be accepted
Maximum order value Requires the order to be under X value before the code will be accepted

Limiting number (#) of redemptions before code is invalid
Limit the total number of uses Set maximum redemptions in total, across all customers
Limit number of uses per customer Set maximum redemptions for each individual

Limiting value ($) of redemptions before code is invalid
Limit total value Set maximum sum total value of all redemptions, across all customers
Limit value per customer Set maximum sum total value of redemptions for each individual

Other restrictions
Limit use to order type Limit code to one order type; Collect, Table Service or Delivery
Limit use to customer Lock code to an individual customer (contact us for the required user ID)
Reset count and value limits Refresh the code limits on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis