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Refunding an order

This article will guide you on how to refund an order in your Orders Dashboard

🗒️ You can only refund the whole amount. Bopple does not support partial refunds. If you need to create a promotional or discount code to make up for the value - go to the promotions section in Venue Manager

⚡️ You have the ability to see orders up to 7 days in the past via Orders Dashboard. 

Here is how to refund the order in your Orders Dashboard: 

  1. Navigate to the icon menu on the top right corner of the Dashboard 🍔
  2. A window will open, click Completed Orders 👓
  3. Select the order you wish to refund 💵
  4. Click Refund Order from the right hand-side and then again in the confirmation box that appears in the centre of your screen 🖥

🗒️ The order is now successfully refunded. Your customer will receive an email notification advising their order has been refunded. Funds typically take 3-5 business days to be visible. 

⛔ Once you have issued a refund this cannot be reversed. Please be sure you are refunding the correct order.