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How do I transfer ownership of my Bopple store?

Follow the steps below to ensure access and payments are properly transferred with minimal impact to operations.

It's always preferable to keep the same Bopple listing when the venue changes hands, especially if you have printed QR codes or links to the store URL added on your website and social media pages.

Venue Manager access and contact info

The departing owner will need to handover the login email and password used for my.bopple.com/manager so that the new owner can take control of the venue listing. When the new owner logs in for the first time they should review all store info and ensure that it is all up to date, in particular the info found under Profile > Account Details

  • Contact name, phone number, and email
  • Login email and password (we recommend updating these once you have access)

Stripe account for payment processing

Each venue listing is linked to a Stripe account which holds the business and bank account info. Typically in these ownership transfers, both business info (ABN etc) and bank account info need to be changed, so it's best to have the new owner setup and connect a new Stripe account to the Bopple listing. This is also cleaner for reporting purposes. 

The new owner should follow the below steps: 

  • Creates a Stripe account at dashboard.stripe.com/register
  • Submit support request to have current Stripe account disconnected
  • Await confirmation from Bopple support that the old Stripe account has been disconnected
  • Promptly connect the new Stripe account in the Venue Manager console

Until the process above is complete, order payments will continue being settled to the connected Stripe account. If any funds are sent to the departing owner as a result of this not happening promptly at the time of handover, this will need to be resolved between the departing and new owners directly. Bopple is unable to reverse any settlements to Stripe, or payouts from Stripe to the linked bank account. 

Point-of-sale account for menu imports and order submissions

If the point-of-sale company/site(s) are being handed to the new owner, there are no changes needed here. You can always confirm the details of the connected point-of-sale account via the Integrations section in Venue Manager. 

If you will be changing the business to a new POS account, the current site/company will need to be disconnected from Bopple so you can reconnect.

Please submit support request for assistance with this, confirming the below info:

  • I want to connect a new site under the same company as the current site
  • I want to connect a new site under a new company