How do I use Pass-Thru Printing?

Pass-Thru Printing (PTP) is a Lightspeed Ordering feature that streamlines and automates certain parts of order processing in your POS. 

So how does it work?

The POS order handling experience when PTP is enabled varies depending on the order type. See the summary for each below. 

Dine-in orders

  • Auto-accepted
  • Auto-printed
  • Auto-completed / closed

💡If you need to access a completed dine-in order on the POS, you can find them in your History

Pick-up orders

  • Auto-accepted
  • Auto-printed

💡You'll still need to manually mark pick-up orders as ready. This is so the customer can be notified that their order is ready for pick-up. 

Delivery orders

Pass-Thru Printing is currently not supported for delivery orders. All delivery orders will still need to be manually accepted and marked as ready. 

How do I set up Pass-Thru Printing?

You can find more info on the , but in summary the process is as below: 

Lightspeed also recommend reviewing some other POS settings that will ensure your POS device remains open and online, which is required to ensure PTP works as expected. For further info see the Lightspeed guide to enabling Pass-Thru Printing

Why aren't my orders printing automatically?

The assigned pass-thru register must remain online and be open on your device to ensure orders can be automatically accepted and printed. If the register is offline or closed when an order is placed, the order will need to be manually accepted. 

For more info see Why aren't my orders printing automatically?