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Didn't receive a customers order?

This article outlines why you may not have received your customers order and what to do when you don't.

⛔ Didn't receive your customers order? Check the following: 

  • Is your devices connection weak, lost or disconnected?
  • Are other applications being used while the Orders Dashboard is operating in the background?
  • Is the device locked or asleep?

So what do you do next? 

  • Check the inbox of the email you chose to use as the contact information in your Venue Manager

🗒️ You will have received an email with the subject Action Required: New order awaiting response

  • Use the receipt to prepare the customers order
    • If you are unable to access the email/receipt simply ask your customer to show you the order information on their device

📢 Your customers payment has already been processed. Do not charge them again in store. 

⚡ Not receiving the order error email? Update your contact email in your Venue Manager Account.