What to do if Square POS fails to receive new online orders

If your orders aren't being received in Square POS or Square for Restaurants, you may be experiencing POS platform errors or an issue with the availability of your POS device.

Open the order in your Orders Manager

You can use the Orders Manager to determine what's causing the issue. 

  1. Go to Bopple Orders Manager
  2. Select the NEW filter to see any newly submitted orders
  3. Locate the order you have not received in your POS
  4. Check the state of the order to determine next steps

Orders with POS errors

Go to ➞ Managing orders with POS errors

The Square platform failed to receive this order due to an error or service interruption. 

Orders with no errors

Go to ➞ Resolving POS offline issues

These orders have been successfully created in the Square platform ("in the cloud"). If they are not received in the Square POS app on your device in-store, there is a communication issue occurring somewhere between your device the the Square platform.