Required Lightspeed Kounta menu setup for Bopple

If you're hoping to offer mobile ordering to your customers, you will need to consider the following when building/updating your Kounta menu. Allowing customers to order and pay in advance means a certain level of detail needs to be provided to them around what they are ordering; this info needs to live within your POS. 

Read on for guidance on best practice menu setup in preparation for mobile ordering. 

Supported Menu Attributes

To provide a great in-app experience for your customers, Bopple requires the use of certain menu attributes of Kounta. The supported menu setup makes use of Kounta's more modern/recent configurations, so it should also help to provide a better experience in your POS. 

If you stick to the simple formula below when building the menu that will be available in-app, you shouldn't have any trouble: 

  • Create your Products
  • Use Product Variants to create sizes of the same Product where needed (eg. Coffees etc)
  • Always use product-linked Option Sets for your modifiers 
  • Don't leave any products with a price of $0 

Click the links above to see more detail in Kounta's support documentation. 

Note that we DO NOT support the below configurations: 

  • Unlinked Modifiers ("floating" Modifiers)
  • $0 base prices on Products
  • Option Sets within Option Sets ("nested" Option Sets)
  • Varied option sets on variants of the same product (eg. different milk option sets for each size on coffees - option sets across variants of the same product must be consistent)

Structuring Your Menu

Using Hot Drinks as an example category, we will outline the ideal structure of your products to support mobile ordering. 

The Process

  1. Create base Products (eg. Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White, English Breakfast Tea etc)
  2. Create and add Product Variants for sizes (video / docs
  3. Create Option Sets for things like milk choice or sugar (full list below) (video / docs)
  4. Link Option Sets to the appropriate Products (video)