Marking products to 'Show Online' Lightspeed Kounta

Show / Do Not Show Online

You can choose to hide products, option sets or categories from your Online menu. e.g You might have a product called “Tap Water” for your dine-in customers, but you don’t want to offer this to your takeaway customer. 

Can't see Online Products in your Lightspeed POS? Follow this link to enable -

  1. Head over to your Lightspeed Back Office, select ProductsOnline Products and then Modify
  2. You will be able to see your Categories, untick Show Online to disable the entire category and its associated products from your Online menu
  3.  To turn off individual products, hit the arrow to the right of each category,
  4.  Untick Show Online next to each product



For more information, head to the Lightspeed Help Centre here.


Once you've made these changes, head back into your Bopple Back Office -> click Menu -> Products -> click Import menu from Lightspeed Kounta (top right corner).