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Personalise your online store

Personalising your store allows customers to relate and engage with your brand.

    In order to personalise your store, you need to upload your venue's logo, store image, and cover image. 
  • Logo

🗒️ The logo you will use is your brand or venue logo. 

📢 Your logo needs to be at least 600px x 600px.

  • Store image

🗒️ This image showcases the interior of your store and will show when your venue is a nearby option for a customer.

📢 Your store image needs to be at least 900px x 300px.

  • Cover image

🗒️ This is the image header that will be visible when customers are viewing your online menu. This should not have trading times, or any other text or logo on it.

📢 Your banner image needs to be at least 1500px x 500px.

  • Brand colour

🗒️ Theme your storefront with your brand colour.

  • Personalise your URL

🗒️ Customise the URL of your storefront.


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