Sync your Lightspeed menu with Bopple

Learn about managing your online menu from Lightspeed below.

See Lightspeed Kounta's guide on managing your menu here.

The menu data from your Kounta POS flows through to Bopple in a few steps:

1. Your Lightspeed Kounta POS menu

  • This is where you maintain ALL menu items, primarily for use in the POS.
  • At this level, you can set Site Availability on individual products/option sets/options as needed. 
  • You can also add product images here
  • Your menu needs to be built in a certain way to support mobile ordering.
  • Read our guide on Preparing Your Kounta Menu for Bopple

2. Your Lightspeed Kounta online products menu

  • Once your full POS menu is prepared for Bopple, you should then refine it for online display.
  • Hide products/categories that customers should not see, and add customer-friendly names. 
  • This is a company level configuration, so if you hide a product or add a customer-friendly name, this will be reflected in the Bopple menu at any site where the product is available (per the product settings)

3. Sync Bopple with Lightspeed Kounta

  • Once you've taken care of steps 1 and 2, you will want to sync Bopple with your Lightspeed Kounta POS.
  • When a venue in Bopple is importing the menu data from the Lightspeed Kounta site connected, it will respect the Site Availability of your products, etc (POS Menu) as well as the company level Online Products refinements. 
  • Menu imports happen AUTOMATICALLY on a daily basis ~30min prior to your open time. 
  • If needed, you can also force a sync at any time via Bopple Venue Manager:
    • Sign-in to Bopple admin
    • Go to the Menu tab and navigate to the IMPORT MENU screen 
    • Click 'Import From Lightspeed'
    • Your Bopple menu will be updated using the latest Lightspeed data

4. Review In-App Menu

  • ALWAYS review your menu in the app after making changes in Kounta and syncing.
  • If something is not appearing the way you thought it would feel free to contact us for assistance.