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Time restrictions on order types

Order types can be configured in the ORDERS section of Bopple Venue Manager. 

As standard, any order type that is enabled on your venue will be available for the duration of your configured open times. However, there may be cases where you want to restrict the availability of certain order types to particular times of day (eg. delivery only available during peak lunch and dinner times). 

Before you proceed
  • Availability times on your order type(s) are only necessary if they vary from your venue's standard open times. If they do not vary, leave the Availability Times blank and your venue Open Times will take care of the rest. 
  • Once you add a restricted availability to any day that order type will automatically be unavailable on any days that do not have an availability time assigned. 

Setting time restrictions on Order Types

  • Go to the ORDERS section of the Venue Manager console
  • Select Pickup Times or Delivery Times to begin the setup 
  • In the modal that appears, use the Add Time button to create availability times for the order type on any days where it can be used by customers.
  • Be sure to save each entry to apply your changes. 
  • If you need to apply restricted times to another order type, close the modal and then repeat the above steps for that order type.