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Using the 'Always Online' setting in Venue Manager

When configuring your venue settings, you'll have to set your default open times (physical trading hours) and your order settings, including which order types you'd like to offer. 

By default, customers can only submit new orders during your open times. If you would like to allow customers to submit new orders at any time, scheduled for fulfillment within your open times, you can use the Always Online setting. 


  • At least one of your order types must allow scheduling
  • Venue open times must be configured correctly to reflect physical trading times


  • Your web listing will be online for new orders at all times
  • Customers can send new orders at any time scheduled for fulfillment within your open times
  • This setting will apply to your entire venue/menu


  • NOT SUPPORTED on mobile iOS and Android apps. Bopple mobile apps only support ASAP orders (and same-day scheduled pickup orders). Customers can only submit new orders on the app during your open times.
  • Cannot be restricted per menu category. If your venue is Always Online, customers can schedule orders with any items from your menu.