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Using your unique QR code

A QR code is a type of barcode. QR stands for "Quick Response", which refers to instant access to the information built into the code. QR code readers are included in the camera app on the majority of smartphones, including iPhones and Android devices; no additional apps needed. Just open the camera app, scan the code and click the link to view the webpage. Simple!

Benefits of using QR codes in your venue

Save on costs and simplify your ordering process

  • No need for customers to queue up at a counter, flag down staff when they're ready to order, or for waitstaff to take orders from customers.

Increase customer spend

  • Your customer can order another item off your menu straight away, without having to wait in line or flag down a staff member to order again.

COVID safe

  • Supports social distancing by allowing customers to order from their seats. 

Accessing your unique menu QR code

  1. Log into your Venue Manager 

  2. Click on Get Menu QR Code (found in the Share Your Menu section on the left)

  3. Download your QR code to create your own collateral, or print the ready-to-use posters! 

  4. Display the QR around your venue; tables, windows, signage at the counter, etc.



Sharing your QR code

When you create your own print materials, use helpful instructions such as: 

Open your camera app and hover your phone over our QR code to view our menu & order!
Place a contactless order! Scan this code with your camera app to view our menu & order!

See some examples below: