Upcoming changes to "fulfil at" times on delivery partner orders in your POS

Small but important changes to improve your order management experience when using a delivery partner.


  • From Wed 24 May 2023, Bopple will use the delivery partner's quoted store pick-up time (at the time the order is placed) as the "fulfil at" time when creating the order in your POS. 
  • The fulfil at time is the timestamp on the order shown in the POS interface, printed on production dockets, and also shown on POS-integrated bump screens. 
  • The new logic will apply to all delivery partner orders, ASAP and scheduled, creating a more consistent order management experience for your team. 
  • It also removes the confusion caused by the previous logic, which saw the "fulfil at" time for scheduled deliveries set to the customer's selected delivery time. Ultimately, this isn't the time your team needs to work to - they need to work to the time the partner driver will arrive in-store. 

POS "fulfil at" are static values that do not update in real-time, so should only be used as a rough guide. For real-time, up-to-date delivery statuses and driver arrival times, you must refer to your Bopple Orders Manager.  

What is the "fulfil at" time? 

  • This is a value that exists on all online orders in your point-of-sale, intended to communicate the approximate time that the order needs to be "fulfilled" so your staff can prepare the order accordingly. 
  • The order fulfil at time is shown in the POS, on printed production dockets, and in POS-integrated bump screens. 
  • In some cases, the ordering platform (Bopple) will set the fulfil at time on the order, and in other cases it will be set by the POS once the order is accepted. 

The problem

With the old logic, for scheduled deliveries Bopple was setting the order's fulfil at time as the customer's selected delivery time. While it's good to know when the customer wants the order, the most important time for your team is when they need to have it ready by, which you had no quick access to. 

This was also inconsistent with how ASAP deliveries were handled, where the fulfil at time was assigned to the order based on the site's prep time when the order was accepted. 

What's changed

Going forward, all partner delivery orders will be created in your POS with the fulfil at time set using the estimated driver pick-up time provided by the courier platform at the time the order is placed by the customer. 

This provides a more consistent order management experience for your team, and ensures that you have a rough idea of the most important time (driver pick-up time) for all delivery orders. 

Know the limitations

While this is a great improvement, please remember that the only place to get real-time accurate partner delivery statuses and driver arrival times is in the Bopple Orders Manager. 

  • The pickup time shown on the order in your POS is an estimate only
  • The estimate is provided on order submission, and is a static value that does not update in real-time.
  • The real-time ETA may change if there are delays in the order being confirmed by your team, or if there are changes in driver availability.

For accurate, real-time partner delivery statuses and driver arrival times, you must refer to your Bopple Orders Manager.