How do I add options and sizes to products?

Here you will learn how best to create options you can attach to products. This functionality allows you to make configurable products.

  • Go to Back Office
  • Select Menu > Modifiers
  • Select + Create Modifier Set
    • Fill Modifier Category name (required)
    • Fill Minimum Selection (required)
    • Fill Maximum Selection (required)
  • Expand and select + Add Modifier
    • Fill Modifier name
  • Select Save

A best practice naming convention for modifier sets is product purpose options and less than or up to three options sets per product is advised to ensure a customer checkouts. Complex product configurations can deter online customers.

Understanding the function of selections and options is important. Options are attached to every selection. Sizes aren't considered options, rather selections. 

  • Go to Back Office
  • Select Menu > Products
  • Choose Product
    • Select Variable Price (enables selections)
    • Enter Sizes in Select From
    • Select Choose Modifier Set (attaches options)

    Congratulations, you have created your first modifier set. Repeat the above sets to configure your menu.