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Change of Ownership

There are two key steps to transferring the venue listing to a new owner. 

Venue Manager

The departing owner will need to hand over the login email and password used for my.bopple.com so that the new owner can take control of the venue settings etc. When the new owner logs in for the first time they should review all venue info and ensure that it is all up to date, in particular, the details found on the VENUE INFO page:

  • Contact name, phone number, and email
  • Login Email (this can be changed at the bottom of the profile page)

Stripe for customer payments

Each venue listing is linked to a Stripe account which holds the business and bank account info. Typically in these ownership transfers, both business and bank info can be changed in the Stripe account settings. However, it's best to have the new owner setup and connect a new Stripe account. The process to follow is below: 

  • New owner creates a Stripe account at dashboard.stripe.com/register
  • New owner confirms they have created a new Stripe account by emailing help@bopple.me
  • Bopple Support will disconnect the departing owner's Stripe account
  • New owner must then promptly connect their Stripe account in the Venue Manager console

IMPORTANT! Funds will continue going to the connected Stripe account until the above process is complete. Bopple cannot reverse settlements, so if the above is not completed promptly any funds transfers will need to be discussed and arranged directly between the departing and new owners. Any funds captured while there is no Stripe account connected to the Bopple venue listing cannot be forwarded. Please ensure the above process is completed in full promptly at the time the business changes hands.