Change of ownership processes

There are two key steps to transferring the store listing to a new owner. 

Step 1: Back Office access

An existing Company Admin will need to invite the new owner to manage the company via Bopple Back Office. For a step by step guide, see Adding users to your account

Once the new owner has access to the company in Bopple Back Office, they should take the following actions: 

  1. Update primary contact info via Company Settings ➜ Account 
  2. Remove any users that no longer need access via Company Users

Step 2: Stripe account for payments

Each store listing is linked to a Stripe account which holds the business and bank account info. 

The new owner should follow the steps below: 

  1. Create new Stripe account for each store via
  2. Contact us at to re-connect with the new Stripe accounts
  3. Bopple support will disconnect the old Stripe accounts
  4. New owner must then promptly connect Stripe on each store via Store Settings ➜ Billing & Payouts

Funds will always settle to the connected Stripe account

Bopple cannot reverse settlements. If the above is not completed promptly, any funds for orders received will still go to the old Stripe account. Arrangements will need to be made directly between the departing and new owners to transfer any funds received in the interim.