Charging delivery fees on orders

Ensure you are covering costs while unlocking the additional reach and revenue that comes with offering delivery.

Video walkthrough

Watch a quick video for everything you need to know about delivery fees. 

Delivery fee types

You have total flexibility to customise the delivery fee you charge customers. Every business is different, so choose the delivery fee structure that works best for you and your customers.

Fixed delivery fee

Charge a flat fee on all delivery orders. Ideal if you are looking to keep things simple, especially if you're only offering delivery over a small delivery area.

Delivery partner fee  

Expand your reach and protect your margins while using a delivery partner

Automatically pass on the delivery fee quoted by your delivery partner, which is typically calculated based on the driving distance between your store and the customer's delivery address. If you'd like to keep fees low for customers who order direct with you, you can optionally cover a small portion of the fee on each delivery (this is totally up to you!)

Example: The delivery partner quoted fee for an order is $14.00, and you have opted to cover $1.00 per delivery to keep fees low when customers order direct. The customer would pay a $13.00 delivery fee. 

Delivery distance fee 

Expand your reach and protect your margins while using in-house delivery

Charge a dynamic delivery fee based on the delivery distance, measured in a straight line between your store and the delivery address (similar to how your delivery radius is applied). Set a base fee and the distance over which it applies, then specify the incremental fee that applies per km for deliveries to addresses that are further away from your store. 

Example: You have a base fee of $8.00 which applies up to 3km, and an incremental fee of $1.00/km. If the customer address is 6km (straight line) from your store, the customer would pay a delivery fee of $11.00

Set up your delivery fee

You're in full control to manage your delivery fee at all times via Bopple Back Office.

  • Go to Back Office ➞ Store settings ➞ Fees
  • Click + Add Order Fee
  • Select Delivery fee as the description
  • Select your preferred delivery fee type
  • Based on the fee type you select
    • For Fixed fees, set your fee value
    • For Delivery Distance fees, set your base fee, base fee distance and incremental fee
    • For Delivery Partner fees, optionally set the amount you will cover per delivery

See the video demo above for a full walkthrough, or start a live chat below to speak with one of our team.