Applying surcharges and service fees

If needed, fees can be used to cover additional operational costs on weekends, public holidays and more.


Surcharges can be used for any case where you need to temporarily add an additional fee on customer orders, such as weekends or public holidays where you might need to offset increased staffing costs. 

  • Go to Back Office ➜ Store Settings ➜ Fees ➜ Surcharge Fees
  • Enter your preferred percentage surcharge amount
  • If you don't want to apply the surcharge to all order types, you can specify
  • Click Save


Recurring and scheduled surcharges are coming soon

For now you can quickly and easily enable and disable your fees whenever you need via Bopple Back Office. 

Service fees

Service fees can be used for any additional service-related costs, for example, if you want to charge a small additional fee for the cost of serving customers that dine-in. 

  • Go to Back Office ➜ Store Settings ➜ Fees ➜ Service Fees
  • Enter your preferred percentage service fee amount
  • Select which order types you want to apply the service fee to
  • Click Save


    Frequently asked questions

    Can I schedule my fees in advance for public holidays?

    Not at this time, but we will be adding this feature very soon! For now you can quickly toggle them on and off as needed via the Fees area in your Back Office.

    How do fees appear for my customers?

    Fees are shown at checkout, based on their selected order type.

    How are surcharges and service fees calculated?

    Surcharges and service fees are calculated based on the value of the order after any discounts have been applied.