How do I connect Bopple and Marsello?

Watch a video walkthrough

1. Create your integration login (via Marsello)

  • Go to Marsello Admin > Integrations > POS & Ecommerce sites
  • Click Add another connection
  • Click Connect Bopple
  • In the modal that opens, add a username and password (DO NOT use your current Marsello account details. Use a different email for this)
  • You'll use these details when you connect Marsello and Bopple in the next step.

Don't see the option to connect Bopple in Marsello admin? Contact for assistance. 

2. Connect Marsello to your Bopple store (via Bopple)

  • Enter the username and password you created in Marsello
  • Confirm the Marsello account name you are connecting

Once connected, you should see your account and store ID as shown below. If something went wrong with the connection, click Disconnect and try again.