Customising your delivery area

Expand your delivery area to reach more customers while maintaining an efficient delivery service.

Sometimes setting a maximum delivery distance and having a simple circular delivery area just isn't enough control. 

Maybe you want to expand your delivery area in one direction but not in another, to exclude addresses that would be inefficient to service. A good example of this is if you would need to go out of the way to cross a river or driver around a body of water. 

Maybe you want to have more than one delivery area. An example of this might be if you need to offer delivery to a precinct, business or other area that falls outside the area you want to service normally. 

Watch a video demo

Follow along as we walk through the basics of setting up a custom delivery area.

Manage your custom delivery area

Go to Bopple Back OfficeStore settingsFulfilmentConfigure Delivery

Step 1: Enable custom delivery area

  • In your Fulfilment settings, click Configure on Delivery
  • Expand the Delivery area section
  • Scroll down and click Create custom delivery area

Step 2: Draw your custom delivery area with

  • In the custom delivery area modal, click Open
  • You'll be taken to an external tool in a new browser tab
  • In, click the Draw Polygons tool in the right menu (looks like a star) 
  • In the map area on the left, click your mouse to add points on the map to form the outline of your custom delivery area. You can add as many points as you like - the more you add, the more accurate you can be with the boundary of your area. 
  • Complete the custom area by clicking back on your first point - you will know you've completed the area as it will be filled in with a grey colour. 

Not sure which button to click for the Draw Polygon tool?

👈 It's this one 

Step 3: Copy the map data in

  • In the right side panel of, you'll see a bunch of "code" - this is the map data ("json") that represents your custom delivery area. It's essentially a bunch of coordinates for the different points you dropped on the map.
  • You need to copy this map data to your clipboard:
    • Easy way ➜ Use the Copy shortcut button in the top right corner section where the map data is (looks like two squares overlayed on each other)
    • Alternative ➜ Use your cursor/mouse to highlight all the map code, then right click on it and select the option to Copy

Not sure which button to click for the Copy shortcut?

👈 It's this one 

Step 4: Load your custom delivery area into Back Office

  • Go back to your Back Office - you should still have the create custom delivery area modal open (if you don't, re-open it via Configure Delivery)
  • In the Feature collection section, right click and then select the Paste option
  • All of your map data should drop in, and you'll a preview of your custom area in the map on the right
  • Click Save in the bottom corner of the modal

Custom delivery area tips and tricks


  • Use a custom area if you need to exclude certain areas that would normally fall within your delivery area.
  • Be as detailed as you like when you are drawing the boundary of your area. 
  • Be prepared to handle customer queries if you end up excluding areas that are currently covered by your delivery area. 


  • Use a custom area if you don't really need to. A simple circular area based on your maximum delivery distance is normally sufficient. 
  • Use multiple custom areas unless it is absolutely necessary. The best approach is to keep things as simple as possible.