How do I create custom delivery areas?

For most businesses, using the simple delivery radius to control your delivery area will be sufficient but sometimes a little more control is needed. 

You will need more control if you want to: 

  • Extend your delivery area without crossing a body of water, like a harbour

  • Service multiple delivery areas
  • Add exclusion zones to your delivery area, where delivery is problematic or not possible

Watch a video demo

Drawing your delivery areas

You will use a separate tool to draw your custom delivery area.

Head over to and then use the steps below.

Creating a single custom area

  1. Click on the 'Draw Polygons' tool in the menu (triangle with three dots button).
  2. Draw your delivery area by dropping markers on the map with your mouse.
  3. Connect back to your first marker to complete the area. This will fill it in as a shaded area on the map. 

Creating multiple custom areas

  1. Draw your first area using the steps above.
  2. Repeat steps 2 - 4 above for as many additional areas as you need. We would recommend using this sparingly; a maximum of 2 or 3 separate areas. 
  3. Be sure to complete each area by connecting back to the first marker. 

Creating an exclusion zone in your delivery area

  1. Draw your delivery area using the steps above.
  2. Click on the 'Cut Layers' tool in the menu (scissors button).
  3. Draw your exclusion zone in the same way you draw the delivery area. 
  4. Complete the exclusion zone by connecting back to the first marker. This will remove the shading from the area you have excluded.

Adding your custom area to your online store

Follow the steps below to submit your custom area to our team of specialists. They'll review it and upload it to your store. 

  1. Open the right-side panel of Geoman so you can see your delivery zone code. This will look like a bunch of letters and numbers that represent the zone(s) you created.
  2. Highlight or "select all" the code. You can use your mouse and cursor, or a keyboard shortcut (Command+A for Mac or Control+A for Windows)
  3. Copy the code to your clipboard. You can right click and select 'Copy' or use a keyboard shortcut (Command+C for Mac or Control+C for Windows)
  4. Go to, fill in all of your details, and add "Custom delivery zone request" into the message field
  5. Paste your delivery zone code into the message field. You can right click and select 'Paste' or use a keyboard shortcut (Command+V for Mac or Control+V for Windows)
  6. Click 'Submit'.