Understanding your DoorDash Drive billing

Learn how you are billed for DoorDash Drive and how refunds or amounts owed are settled.

DoorDash Drive billing with Bopple

A quick summary of what happens when you use DoorDash Drive to fulfil deliveries.

Your DoorDash Drive Invoice Summary 

If you have any amount due at the end of a month, Bopple will share an invoice summary with you. You can see an example below which includes several months of deliveries. 

  • In September, October and November, there were Drive Adjustments for refunds from DoorDash which resulted in a negative balance. These amounts are refunded to the store by Bopple.
  • In February, the balance shows that the store needs to cover an additional $12.09, this is because the DoorDash Fees Held amount is less than the Drive Total Charges. These amounts are invoiced to the store for payment to Bopple. 


Report Column


Store Name The name of your store account in the Bopple platform.
Invoice Date The period for which the invoice was issued. 
Store ID The ID of your store in the Bopple platform.
Drive Store Name The name of your store in the DoorDash system, which may vary slightly from your store name in Bopple. 
Drive Subtotal Subtotal of all orders sent to DoorDash for delivery. May be adjusted in cases where a DoorDash refund has been offered (see Drive Adjustments)
Drive Fees Total of any fees (exc. GST) applied to your deliveries on the DoorDash invoice. In some cancellation events, DoorDash will apply a fee of $0.00, effectively waiving their fees for the delivery.
Drive Fees Tax Total of taxes added on Drive Fees 
Drive Fees Total Equates to Drive FeesDrive Fees Tax. The GST inclusive fees applied to your deliveries. 
Drive Adjustments Total of any adjustments applied to your deliveries on the DoorDash invoice. This includes any amounts DoorDash has offered as refunds due to service issues. DoorDash may refund their fee, and in some cases may also refund a portion or all of the order value itself (depending on the issue and its severity). 
Drive Total Charges Equates to Drive Fees TotalDrive Adjustments
DoorDash Fees Held Total of all DoorDash fees withheld by Bopple for payment to DoorDash. There may be cases where the DoorDash Fees Held are not sufficient to cover the amount invoiced by DoorDash - this most commonly occurs where you have provided a large discount on an order. 

Equates to Drive Total ChargesDoorDash Fees Held. Generally this should be $0.00. If there is a negative balance, you will receive a refund from Bopple. If there is a positive balance, you'll receive an invoice for payment to Bopple. 

Why do I see positive or negative values for the "Balance"? 

Generally speaking you should see a lot of $0.00 values in the balance columns on these reports. A $0.00 balance means that the amount withheld for DoorDash by Bopple is exactly what DoorDash has invoiced for. There are some cases where you may see a negative or positive value in the balance column, for a particular month or delivery.

Negative balance = you may be due to receive a refund

There are a few scenarios where you might see a negative balance and be owed a refund from Bopple as a result of DoorDash Drive billing. 

👉 DoorDash offered to waive delivery fees

In some cancellation events, DoorDash will set their fee on the order to $0.00 after Bopple has already withheld the fee. In this event, Bopple is effectively releasing the withheld fee back to you so there will be a negative balance for the delivery. 

👉 DoorDash offered you refunds

In other cancellation events and various types of failures or service issues in DoorDash, they may offer to refund fee amounts, as well as whole or partial order value amounts. The exact refund they offer will vary depending on the type and severity of issue you reported to DoorDash Drive Merchant Support. 

👉 DoorDash charged less than the quoted fee

While rare, there are some instances where the best route changes between the time the delivery is quoted and the time the delivery is created (when you accept the order). In this case, the final fee DoorDash charges on the invoice may be slightly less than what was withheld by Bopple, so Bopple needs to release the difference back to you. 

Positive balance = you may have an amount outstanding

Bopple does withhold the DoorDash Drive Fee in order to pay DoorDash on your behalf, but there are a certain cases where this might not happen. 

👉 Payment amount was not enough to cover DoorDash Fee

Bopple is only able to withhold at most the total payment amount on the order. There are several factors that can result in the final payment amount being less than what you owe DoorDash for the delivery, so you will have an amount outstanding for payment to Bopple. 

The following can contribute to payment amount not covering the DoorDash fee:

  • Increased delivery area (higher DoorDash costs)
  • Inadequate delivery fee setup
  • Inadequate minimum order for delivery 
  • Discount usage on delivery orders