How can I use discounts to drive new and repeat orders?

One of the main advantages of Bopple is that you have complete access to all your customer and sales data. This is available within the Bopple Back Office under Reports. 

You can use this info to run campaigns that incentivise customers to make more purchases or reward your customers for being loyal. A great example of this is a Customer of the Month campaign. 

Step 1: Promote the competition

  • Post to your socials (FB, Insta, Insta stories) to promote a competition running over the course of the next month. 
  • You should also mention the competition to anyone ordering in-store; maybe they don't know about the app yet!
Save time by ordering ahead on Bopple or ordering using our QR Code menu! All orders this month will give you a chance to win one of 3x $30 gift vouchers! At the end of the month we will draw three lucky winners from our top 10  customers for the month! 

 Step 2: Identifying Your Top Customers

  • Go to Back Office
  • Navigate to Reports
  • Select Customer Mailout report in Customer Data
  • Input date range (eg. start of the month to the end of the month)
  • Click Run Report

You will see a list of customers that have ordered that month, with names, email addresses, along with the number and total value of their orders within the dates selected. Take your top 10 customer names, and draw your 3 winners. Use the customer's email address/phone number to notify them, or announce them on your socials to have them claim their prize. 

Creating Promo Codes for Winners

Take a look at our article on How do I create discounts for customer orders?, this outlines the basics of setting up a code. 

For this particular campaign, you will need to create a code for each winner. The codes need a value of $30 and a restriction so that the total redeemed per code is $30 (this ensures that if the winner shares their code, the maximum that can be redeemed with the code is still $30). 

Once that is done you'll want to share the code with the winners. 

Hi Sarah!

Congrats on being drawn as a winner in our Customer of the Month competition, and thank you so much for ordering with us via our app! 

Please enter code SARAH at the checkout in-app to redeem $30 worth of delicious food and drink. You can use this across multiple orders but whenever credit is available it will be used. If your next order is for $35, all the credit will be used and you will be charged $5, for example. 

Please don't share the code. If anyone else uses it, it will deduct from your $30 prize. 

Thanks again, and we hope you enjoy your prize!