How do I create a pick-up QR Code?

This article outlines how to create a pick-up QR code for you to use as marketing material to adopt customers and help your customers seamlessly order from their location.

⚡ Want your customers to quickly scan a QR code while they are waiting in a long line, or even when they are at home or the office? Create a QR code to make it easier.

To create your pick up QR Code:

  • Hover your mouse over the left hand side bar in Venue Manager
  • Scroll down until you see the button Get menu QR code and select it
  • Choose the default order type you would like to use to create the QR Code
    • for the purpose of this article, select pick-up
  • Select whether you would like to use only the QR Code or our ready-to-print design
  • Download or print

It's that simple! 

⚡ Put these in take-away bags or on containers when your customers come to pick up their food so they can order online next time.

QR Code Pickup