How do I create a table service QR Code?

This article outlines how to create a QR code for your customers so they can place orders from their table.

⚡ Want your customers to order at the table but online? Create a QR code to make it easier.

Want branded QR code pucks? 

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In the meantime, to create your table service QR code right away:

  • hover your mouse over the left hand sidebar of the Bopple Back Office
  • scroll down until you see the button Get menu QR code and select it
  • choose the default order type you would like to use to create the QR Code
    • for the purpose of this article, select table service
  • Enter the table number you would like to create and assign to the QR code
  • Select whether you would like to use only the QR Code or our ready-to-print design
  • Download or print

It's that simple! 

You also have the ability to add the guest check-in option which will allow customers to check in before viewing your menu (for the purposes of contact tracing)


Table Service QR Code