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How do I manage issues with my DoorDash delivery orders?

View guidance on issue resolution based on order status

Taking action

New orders 

The order has been received, but not yet accepted in your POS or Order Manager. 

Delivery is not requested with DoorDash until you accept the order.

⚠️ Customer calls to cancel, or you are unable to make the order

  • Simply reject the order as normal via your Order Manager or POS
  • You don't need to contact DoorDash in this case

Accepted orders

You've accepted the order and it is being prepared or awaiting pick-up.

Once you accept an order it is sent to DoorDash to schedule a driver. From this point, if you need any assistance with the delivery you will need to contact DoorDash support

❌ DoorDash declines or cancels the delivery

In the rare event that this occurs, the delivery will be flagged as cancelled in your Order Manager. You may wish to self-deliver the order, but if not you will need to cancel the order to refund the customer. 

  1. Open the order in your Order Manager (how do I do this?) or POS
  2. Click the Cancel button (or Refund via order history in your POS)

⚠️ Customer calls to cancel the order 

If you haven't started preparing the order / are happy to cancel the order:

  1. Contact DoorDash support to request cancellation of the delivery
  2. Cancel / refund the order via your Order Manager or POS

Currently it's not possible to cancel a DoorDash delivery via the Order Manager or your POS. You must contact DoorDash to do this. Cancelling or refunding the order in your system will not cancel the DoorDash delivery.

⏱️ Driver is running late to store pick-up

Firstly you should check on the status of the driver: 

  1. Open the order in your Order Manager (how do I do this?)
  2. Review the status and the ETA of the driver

If you can see an issue / if the driver is 15+ minutes late, contact DoorDash support for assistance. 

Currently you don't have access to the driver phone number in the Order Manager, but this will be added soon. 

Dispatched orders

The order has been picked up by the driver and is out for delivery. 

Once an order is picked up, your customer can access the driver's location and phone number on their order summary. Generally the customer will call the driver, but they may still call you if they're having trouble. 

⏱️ Driver is running late to customer drop-off

If the customer calls about the driver being late, ask them if they have called the driver directly. If the customer still requires assistance: 

Check on the status of the driver: 

  1. Open the order in your Order Manager (how do I do this?)
  2. Review the status and the ETA of the driver

If you can see an issue / if the driver is 15+ minutes late, contact DoorDash support for assistance. 

🤷 Customer calls as they didn't receive their order, but it is marked delivered

If the customer calls and states they did not receive the

  1. Let them know they can contact the driver directly via their order summary
  2. If further assistance is needed, you can contact DoorDash support

❌ DoorDash cancels the delivery 

This might happen if the driver is unable to complete delivery, potentially due to a number of issues, like the customer not being available or an incorrect address. The driver will normally attempt to resolve this by calling the customer.

If the delivery fails, you might want to contact DoorDash support for assistance. They may offer to re-deliver the order for the customer. 

Contacting DoorDash support

LIVE order issues

  • Customer wants to cancel delivery or change delivery address
  • Driver took wrong order or forgot items
  • Driver 15+ minutes late
  • Customer never received order

DoorDash support 📞
1800 958 316 (response time <4mins)

You will need to provide:

Other issues

  • Requesting reimbursement and refunds for wastage or remade orders following delivery service issues
  • Driver interaction feedback, including requests to prefer or blacklist particular drivers based on the service they provide

DoorDash support ✉️ drive-support@doordash.com 
(response time <48hrs)


You will need to provide:

Accessing DoorDash delivery details

  • Go to my.bopple.com/orders 
  • Sign-in using your Venue Manager login
  • Open the order in question (completed orders can be found via the ☰ menu)

Understanding fees

  • When the customer places their order, DoorDash confirms the total fee applicable for the delivery, based on the distance from your store to the customer. Note that DoorDash fees are dynamic, and may differ from the flat order fee you have setup for delivery which gets added to customer orders. 
  • The DoorDash fee is added to the standard payment processing and Bopple commision fees that are deducted from each order processed through your store.
    • Order total (including any order fees you have setup)
      • minus payment processing fee
      • minus Bopple commission
      • minus DoorDash delivery fee
    • Remainder is settled to your Stripe account
  • DoorDash invoices Bopple for any delivery fees on a monthly basis, meaning you don't have to have an account with, or worry about dealing with invoices from, DoorDash

Fee refunds and reimbursements

  • Any issues with delivery that result in wastage, orders being remade for re-delivery, or the need to refund or compensate a customer need to be escalated to DoorDash
  • Each case will be reviewed using the issue matrix below. 
  • If any refund of fee or order value is due to the merchant, this will be included as an adjustment against your store's fees on the invoice Bopple receives from DoorDash each month.
  • Any positive balances will be resolved by Bopple periodically. If you have any questions on this please contact us.  

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