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How to Set Up Your Custom Domain

If you're looking to feature your brand by using a custom domain, e.g order.yourbrand.com, you're in the right place. Setting up an "A Record" might sound technical, but we promise it's straightforward.

This guide will walk you through the process, step by friendly step. This feature and functionality is exclusive to Whitelabel Partners powered by Bopple.

Before You Begin:

Ensure you have access to your domain’s DNS settings. This access is usually through your domain registrar (like GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc.), or your hosting provider if they handle your domain names.

Contact our team at help@bopple.com for your unique IP Address.


Setting Up Your Custom Domain:

  1. Log Into Your Domain Registrar Account:

    • Visit your domain registrar's website and log in to your account where your domain is managed.
  2. Access Your DNS Management Page:

    • Find and click on a section titled ‘DNS Management’, ‘Name Server Management’, or something along those lines. This is where you can control where your domain points.
  3. Initiate Adding a New Record:

    • Look for a way to add a new DNS record, often labeled as “Add Record” or “New Record”. You’re on the hunt for an option to create an "A Record".
  4. Choose 'A Record' Type:

    • When selecting the type of record to add, choose 'A' from the available list.
  5. Input Your A Record Details:

    • Host: This will be the subdomain you wish to use (e.g., order if your custom domain is order.yourbrand.com).
    • Points to: Here, you'll enter the IP address Bopple has provided you. This IP is where your custom domain will direct traffic.
    • TTL (Time to Live): Set this to 3600 or whatever the default is, if different. TTL dictates how long the internet remembers the path to your site before it checks back for any updates.
  6. Save Your New A Record:

    • Apply your changes by clicking the save button, which may be labeled “Save”, “Add Record”, or something similar.

After Setup:

  • Propagation Time: DNS changes can take a bit to spread across the internet, typically anywhere from a few minutes up to 48 hours. During this period, the new path may not work consistently for everyone.

  • Check Your Domain: After a few hours, it’s wise to verify that your domain is correctly pointing to the provided IP address. Tools like whatsmydns.net can help you see if the A Record is propagating as expected.

Questions or Issues?

If anything doesn’t go as planned or if you have questions, the Bopple support team is here for you. We’re just an email or call away and happy to assist, contact us on Live Chat at help.bopple.com or email at help@bopple.com

Congratulations on taking this step towards a more branded and integrated customer experience with your platform powered by Bopple.