Unlock in-store loyalty rewards for customers

You can provide customers with their own unique profile barcode to earn and redeem rewards for their online and in-store purchases.

Bopple has built a new feature with Lightspeed Marketing & Loyalty powered by Marsello. 

Requirements: Lightspeed point-of-sale with Lightspeed Marketing & Loyalty + a 2D bluetooth scanner.

Customers can order in-store, scan their barcode and earn points for purchases. Simply scan the barcode and you'll be able to see the customer profile, their points balance and the rewards available to them directly from the POS. 

Unified loyalty experience to earn and redeem in-store

Say goodbye to the hassle of separate loyalty programs for online and in-store purchases. With Bopple's new feature, customers can unlock rewards regardless of how they order – whether it's in-store or online.

Scan and see points, all on the POS

Customers can scan their rewards barcode and instantly earn points for their purchases. This process is as simple as scanning and seeing – with the barcode revealing the customer's profile, points balance, and available rewards directly from the Lightspeed POS.

Here's an example of how it works together seamlessly: