Why are some items not printing on dockets?

What to do when your dockets are printing with missing items.

Are you experiencing the following?

✅ Your POS is showing the order with all items visible, and

✅ Your POS is printing dockets, but

⛔ Some items are not being printed on the docket

Using Lightspeed Kounta POS

This occurs if you are using Lightspeed "Production Printing" (aka Kitchen Printing) and you have not assigned all items to a printer. This means the POS receives the order with all items, but some items don't print as they are not assigned to a printer. 

  1. See the Lightspeed Kounta help guide below
  2. Go to the Printer/Item Specific section
  3. Follow the steps to review and correct your item printing setup in Lightspeed


Using Square POS

This occurs if you have specified that you want items to be printed to specific printer stations, but some items have not been assigned to a station (so they do not print)

  1. See the Square help guide below
  2. Go to the Print to Multiple Printers section
  3. Follow the steps to review and correct your category/item printing setup in Square