Why are my Lightspeed variants displayed as separate products?

You might have noticed that some of your variant products are appearing in your online menu as separate products. Normally these would be nested under one parent product, with the variants presented as option selections beneath it. 

How this looks in your menu

As you can see below, the menu display includes separate products for each size of the pizza even though these sizes are set up as variants in Lightspeed. 

Why this is happening

Using different option sets across variants of the same product is an unsupported menu setup in your online store, causing Lightspeed errors when prepaid customer orders are sent to your POS. 


Bopple proactively detects if your menu contains any products with variant setups similar to the above, and displays the variants as separate products. 

The product is displayed differently, but this prevents any point-of-sale errors for new customer orders, ultimately ensuring your staff and your customers have a seamless experience with online orders 👍

Adjusting the display in your menu

This is a quick fix. Simply update the option sets linked to each variant of the product so they are consistent, using the exact same option sets. 

The next time your online menu import syncs from Lightspeed, you should see the product is then displayed as a single item in your menu with the variants nested within as option selections.