Notifying customers for pick-up

Know how to properly manage orders and keep customers informed for a seamless pick-up experience.

Top tips for a seamless pick-up experience

⭐ Keep your prep time up to date during service

⭐ Mark orders as ready to notify the customer for pick-up on ASAP orders

⭐ Prepare all pick-up orders according to the confirmed pick-up time

Pick-up • ASAP

  • Pick-up time is confirmed when you accept the order, based on your prep time. Be sure to keep your prep time up to date during service. 
  • Customer is notified when you mark the order as Ready. Notifications are sent via SMS for web orders and via push notification for app orders.

"Completing" orders in Lightspeed Kounta ➜ This is a "POS-only" status change and is not communicated to ordering platforms like Bopple. To complete an order, you can use Bopple Orders Manager, or simply allow the system to automatically complete the order at the end of the day. 

Pick-up • Scheduled "Pre-Orders"

  • Customer's selected pick-up time is confirmed when you accept the order. 
  • Notifications are not sent for scheduled orders. The customer can see that you have confirmed their pick-up time, so will expect you to have the order ready at that time.