What do I do if my Stripe account is restricted?

Stripe has automated processes that trigger account verification checks based on transactional volume and what information has not been verified. 

These verification checks form part of Stripe's "Know Your Customer" obligations, which are enforced by regulators to prevent abuse of financial systems and to protect end-users and businesses. More info here.

What happens if my Stripe account is restricted?

Stripe may apply one or two different types of restriction if the required verification and/or documentation has not been provided by the account owner. 

⛔ Payouts Disabled

  • Stripe disables payouts from your Stripe account to your linked bank account

  • Funds for Bopple orders will still be settled to your Stripe account

  • You will need to complete verification with Stripe to restore your account

  • Once verified, automated payouts will resume per the normal payout schedule

🗒️ Please note, the first payout on new Stripe accounts can take up to 7 days; this does not mean your account is restricted. See Delayed Stripe payouts for details.

Charges Disabled

  • Stripe disables your account's ability to process customer payments
  • To ensure you aren't losing revenue, Bopple orders are still accepted at your venue
  • Customer payments are routed to a Bopple holding account for dispersal later
  • You will need to complete verification with Stripe to restore your account
  • Once verified, Bopple will transfer held funds into your Stripe account. Please contact us so we can arrange to transfer funds held.

How do I know if my Stripe account has been restricted?

  • Stripe emails to the account owner regarding verification needed
  • No deposits received in your nominated bank account
  • Stripe status shown in Billing in Venue Manager (see below) 
  • You will also see this flagged in your Stripe dashboard 

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 14.02.21

How do I restore my Stripe account?

Specific details and support on the verification needs of your account always need to be sought via Stripe, instead of Bopple as we have limited information and access. 

If your account had charges disabled (meaning customer payments have been held by Bopple) and you have been able to complete the verification on your Stripe account, please contact us so we can arrange to transfer any funds held.