Billing structures in Uber Direct

Get the low down on the key terminology when using Uber Direct in your business.

There are a few important terms to understand when you start using Uber Direct, as they determine how your business is set up and how you are billed. 

Location ➜ In Uber, a "location" represents the physical location of your store, where you prepare orders and where drivers collect deliveries from. 

Organisation ➜ In Uber, an "organisation" represents your business relationship with Uber Direct, think of it as your account. Each organisation has it's own agreement, and billing details. An organisation can have one or many locations underneath it (more on this below).

HQ Billing

With HQ billing you'll have a single organisation in Uber with several locations under it (one location for each store you operate). 


Streamlined onboarding with a single agreement

✅ View aggregated reporting in your Uber Direct Dashboard

✅ Reconcile payments to individual locations in Uber Direct Dashboard

HQ billing is ideal if you have several stores under the same ownership.

Store Billing

Store billing is recommended only if you operate multiple stores under different ownership, like a franchise group. With store billing you'll have a separate Uber organisation for each store. This means you'll need to sign separate agreements with Uber, and will need to manage separate billing details for each store (each organisation) in Uber Direct.