How do I upgrade my existing store to use the Square integration?

To ensure a seamless transition, there are some important menu setup steps to cover off.

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Step 1: Get your Square menu is ready for online use

When you connect Square, your existing Bopple menu setup will be discarded and replaced by the Square menu that is imported. To avoid interruptions to service, make sure your Square menu is well setup before proceeding. 

In your Square Item Library, you will need to: 

  1. Create Items for all products you want to display in your Bopple online menu
  2. Ensure all Items are added to a Category
  3. Use Item Variations for any Items that you sell in different sizes
  4. Add Modifier Sets for any add-ons, customisations or upsells on your Items
  5. Add images to Items so your menu is visually appealing to customers

Here are a few articles from the Square Help Centre you might find useful. 

See the below example of an Item in Square with all the required settings applied.

Step 2:
Connect Square in Bopple Back Office

If your store is connected to another point-of-sale, you'll need to contact us to request that it is disconnected before you can connect with Square. 

  1. Go to Bopple Back Office ➞ Store settings ➞ Integrations and click Connect on Square
  2. Confirm your Square account and location to finalise the connection

Step 3:
Set your Square items to Show Online for Bopple

This step can only be completed once you have connected Square in Back Office.

  1. Go to Square Dashboard ➞ Items ➞ Item library
  2. Open an item you want to have imported to Bopple
  3. Scroll down and enable the attribute called Bopple Show Online
  4. Repeat this for all products you'd like to have visible online
  5. Go to Bopple Back Office ➞ Menu ➞ Products ➞ click Import from Square