Who pays the DoorDash delivery fee?

You have full control to set your delivery fee for customers. We recommend using the customer delivery fee to offset the delivery cost rather than passing the whole fee on. To make sure everything adds up and makes sense economically, you also have control over the minimum order value for delivery to be available. 

Below is an example of a total order worth $60 and where the fixed-fee delivery fee is split with the customer

For example:

  • Order total: $60.00 (before fees)
  • Delivery fee to customer: $6.00 (within 3km radius)
  • Take out Bopple + Stripe fees (1.8% + 1.6%) = $2.16 (based off $60 total order)
  • DoorDash Delivery fee (within 3km) $12.09c (inc GST) minus $6 charged to customer = $6.09
  • You make $51.75
  • Cost of using Bopple + DoorDash Drive = $8.25 (13.75% of $60)