Can I put words instead of numbers on my QR codes?

Quick response (QR) codes can store lots of information embedded in their image. For the simple purpose of assigning a number to the QR code lots of that image ends up being redundant. We fill this dead space with a number but you can have whatever you like. Our QR generator only supports numbers.


Inside the white square that houses the number on the QR code is the dead space and if you wish change/photoshop that number to a word for visual appeal that is entirely your preference. We won't be able to support this feature if it was done incorrectly.

Know that our system will submit orders with the number that was originally there and your staff will have to know what numbers are associated to those edited QR codes.

If you would like Bopple to support these features, please drop us a line via Let us know how this would benefit your business and any other ideas or preferences on how you would like to see this feature work.