Using the Marsello x Bopple integration

Marsello is an all-in-one loyalty and marketing platform. For more info see our Bopple x Marsello integration page here

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What's included in the integration?

😀 Customer experience

Where can customers interact with my loyalty program? (click here for a sneak peak)

  • Online store 
  • QR ordering
  • Bopple app
  • White-label apps
  • In-store via Lightspeed Kounta POS

💰 Earning Points 

How do customers earn points in my loyalty program? 

  • Create an account
  • Complete profile (add DOB + gender)
  • Place an order

Earning points for social interactions and referring friends is not supported at present. Support will be added in a future release. 

🎁 Loyalty Rewards 

What types of rewards are supported? 
  • Dollar off loyalty rewards
  • Percent off loyalty rewards 
  • Free product loyalty rewards
  • Rewards that apply to certain products or categories 
  • Rewards that have a minimum purchase rule

Is my store eligible?

This integration is only available to stores using Lightspeed Kounta and Bopple. 

What do I need to get started?

  • A Bopple online store (web) or white-label web application
  • A Marsello account with loyalty enabled and supported rewards configured
  • Lightspeed Kounta POS connected to your Bopple store(s) and your Marsello account

If you have multiple stores under your company and would like to provide a brand-level loyalty experience for customers, speak to our team about a white-label web ordering app.

How do I get started?

See How do I connect Bopple and Marsello

Sneak peak

Customers can see their points balance and rewards, and are able to redeem available rewards on checkout. 

The below example shows a demo store and rewards. When you create your rewards in Marsello you can name them as you wish and this is what the customer will see in your online store. 

image (7)