Get help with DoorDash Drive deliveries

Learn how to get help and keep customers happy if you experience any delivery hiccups with DoorDash Drive.

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How your customers can get help

What to do if your customer calls you

How you can get help

Refunds on delivery orders

How your customers can get help

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What to do if your customer calls you

Bopple Orders Manager is your source of truth for delivery order management, providing you with access to all the info you need to provide and receive assistance with delivery orders. 

➜ Monitor delivery orders

➜ Check live status of delivery orders

➜ Check real-time driver ETA

➜ Contact drivers directly 

➜ Escalate issues to DoorDash Drive support (details below)

How you can get help

⚡ Live order support

Call DoorDash Drive Merchant Support: 📞 1800 958 316

Please have the relevant Order ID available to share with the receiving agent.

🔄 Past order support

Email and include the relevant Order ID.

💵 Refunds and reimbursements

Email for any case where you feel you are due a refund or reimbursement as a result of a delivery service issue. Bopple cannot raise issues on your behalf. Reimbursement requests must be submitted within 14 business days of order completion.

⚠️ Safety incidents

Email if you want to report any kind of driver or safety incident to DoorDash. 

Refunds on delivery orders

You escalate issues to DoorDash

  • Any issues with delivery that result in wastage, orders being remade for re-delivery, or the need to refund or compensate a customer must be escalated to DoorDash within 14 days of the delivery creation date
  • Each case will be reviewed by DoorDash using their issue matrix
  • Bopple cannot report issues for you or action refunds on delivery orders. 

You refund your customer

  • DoorDash does not refund your customer directly (they have nothing to do with the payment processing on the order). 
  • You need to action refunds on your customer orders, using Bopple Orders Manager or your integrated point-of-sale (Lightspeed Kounta and Square both support refunds of online orders via the point-of-sale)

DoorDash refunds Bopple, Bopple transfers funds to you

  • Any refunds offered to you by DoorDash will be included as an adjustment against your store's DoorDash fees on the invoice Bopple receives from DoorDash each month. 
  • Bopple processes store refunds for DoorDash invoicing at the start of each month, including any refunds or adjustments from the month prior. If you are owed any funds as part of this process, Bopple will let you know via email and will transfer the funds directly into your store's connected Stripe account. 
  • This will effectively mean you are reimbursed for any customer refunds you already processed as a result of delivery issues. 

See the following guide for a refresher on how billing for deliveries works with DoorDash Drive and Bopple ➜ DoorDash Drive billing with Bopple