Get help with Uber Direct deliveries

Learn how to get help and keep customers happy when using Uber Direct for delivery.

Download and print the Uber Direct Merchant Support Handbook below:

👉 Download: Uber Direct Merchant Support Handbook

Uber Direct Merchant Support

When you use Uber Direct as your delivery provider, any queries or concerns regarding delivery service need to be directed to Uber Direct Merchant Support. Bopple is unable to assist with delivery service issues or refunds. 

⚡ Live order support

Please call between 7am to 10pm AEST (9am to 12am NZST)

  • Australia +61 1800 951 405
  • New Zealand +64 800 453 950

Please have the relevant Order ID available to share with the receiving agent.

🔄 Past order support

Email and include the relevant Order ID.

💵 Refunds and reimbursements

Email for any case where you feel you are due a refund or reimbursement as a result of a delivery service issue. Bopple cannot raise issues on your behalf. Reimbursement requests must be submitted within 3 business days of order completion. 

Bopple passes itemised order details to Uber when deliveries are created, so you do not need to provide Uber Direct Merchant Support with invoices when requesting an adjustment or refund. 

⚠️ Safety incidents

Email if you want to report any kind of driver or safety incident to Uber. 

How can I find my Order ID?

When contacting Uber Direct Merchant Support you can provide either of the below: 

Bopple Order ID

  • Shown on the order in Bopple Orders Manager
  • Shown as the "Store Order ID" on the order in Uber Direct Dashboard

Uber Order ID

  • Shown on the order in Uber Direct Dashboard

Helping your customers

If a customer contacts you, Bopple Orders Manager and Uber Direct Dashboard both give you instant access to all the info you need to provide and receive assistance with delivery orders. 

  • Monitor delivery orders
  • Check live status of delivery orders
  • Check real-time driver ETA
  • Contact Uber delivery drivers directly 
  • Contact Uber Direct support

How customers can get help

Customers have direct access to call the delivery driver while the delivery is in-progress. They also receive real-time updates on the delivery progress in their order summary page, as well as via SMS alert from Uber. 

The customer may also contact your store for assistance in certain cases. 

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