Connect with Google Ads [GA4]

Link your Google Ads account to your Google Analytics property to see the full customer cycle, from ad interactions through to online orders.

Google Analytics is available on white-label web stores only. For more information on white-labels, see here or speak to our team below. 

This guide is on connecting Google Ads with Google Analytics. Looking for info on how to connect Google Analytics with Bopple? Click the link below. 

Get started with Google Analytics [GA4]

Full visibility on ad performance

Link your Google Ads account to your Analytics property to see the full customer cycle, from how users interact with your marketing (e.g. clicking ads) to how they finally complete the conversions you’ve set for them on your Bopple online store. 

When you link your Google Analytics 4 property to your Google Ads account, data flows between both products. This allows you to:

Link Google Ads to GA4

Follow these steps to create Google Analytics 4 property links to Google Ads:

  1. Go to GA Admin
  2. Under PRODUCT LINKS, click Google Ads Links
  3. Click Link
  4. Click Choose Google Ads accounts, then select the Google Ads accounts you want to link (If you don't see the Google Ads account you want to link, you may not have the required permissions)
  5. Click Confirm
  6. Click Next and confirm your preferred settings
  7. Click Submit to link your accounts with the current settings

See here for a more detailed guide.

Become a GA4 + Google Ads pro

Google provides a wealth of info in their own help centre. We've provided a few relevant guides below which you may find useful.