Introduction to Bopple Loyalty

Reward and retain your customers with a simple, easy-to-use, digital loyalty program.

⭐ Built-in to your online ordering experience

⭐ Effortless setup in a single click

⭐ Drives repeat visits and customer retention

⭐ Seamless, contactless customer experience

⭐ Supported across mobile apps, web and QR ordering

⭐ Flexible for businesses of all sizes

⭐ Free add-on on all Bopple Storefronts

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⭐  Earning points

Your customers earn 10 points for every $1 they spend when ordering online. The more they spend the more they earn. 

Points are awarded based on the payment amount for accepted online orders only. If you reject an order, the customer does not earn any points. If a discount is used on an order, points are only awarded for the amount paid.

🎁 Unlock rewards

Once customers have enough points, they can use them to apply reward discounts at checkout. You can choose to offer one, some or all of these rewards. It's up to you.

  • $5 off (500 points, $50 spend)
  • $10 off  (1,000 points, $100 spend)
  • $20 off (2,000 points, $200 spend)
  • $50 off (5,000 points, $500 spend)

The reward structure is based on a 10% discount for loyal customers.

To break it down, $1 spend = 10 points = $0.10 reward value

😊 Customers

Joining. Customers will be entered in to your loyalty program any time they order with you. As long as they have an account and verify their email, they will be able to see their points and rewards on future orders. 

Marketing database. We're planning a future update to the loyalty program to help you grow your marketing database. Stay tuned for more info on this. At present, customers can opt-in to receive marketing communications separate to your loyalty program.

✅ Available everywhere

Once your customers have entered the program and verified their email, they can see their points balance and redeem rewards in all Bopple-powered ordering apps and online stores. Whether your customer is ordering ahead for pick-up and delivery on the mobile app, or scanning a QR code to order dine-in, they'll have full access to their loyalty profile. 

More questions?

See our Loyalty FAQs for answers to common questions about launching and managing your own loyalty program powered by Bopple.