Refund a Bopple order through your Lightspeed POS (Kounta)

Before you begin

You don't need any special settings for processing refunds. However, you'd need to enable the Refund Reasons add-on to enable staff to select the reason why the customer asked for the refund.

The refund reasons that staff choose from can also be customised from the Back Office.


How to Refund an Order 

Once you have made a sale on the POS, you can follow these steps to perform a refund of either a whole order or, just part of an order;

1. Open the POS

2. Please select your user account so you are on the main POS Selling screen

3. Open the left-hand side POS Menu

4. Click on History


4. You can now use our search tool to find the order that you wish. Please use this tool to find the order you wish.



5. You will now see a big red Refund Sale button appear in the bottom right of the POS screen - Select this button.


6. A prompt for the order will appear - Select Refund Sale



Frequently Asked Questions


Can I process partial refunds?

No. Partial refunds are not supported by Bopple at present.

Why can't see the Refund Sale button?

The number 1 reason is that you may not have the correct permissions on your account to perform refunds. Check with your manager or ensure that you are signing in with the correct user on the POS.

More info on User Permissions can be found here.