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Step 4: Add your menu

🚨 Using an integrated POS? Please go to the help articles below 🚨 

Here you will learn how to create products that you can sell online to your customers. If you haven't organised your menu with categories for your products this is recommended to do first.


  • Go to Back Office
  • Select Menu > Products
  • Select + Create Product
    • Fill Name (required)
    • Select Product category (required)
    • Set Image (recommended)
    • Fill Description (recommended)
    • Set Price (choice)
      • Single  
      • Variable
    • Add Modifiers Option Sets (previously defined option sets)
    • Add Product Specific Options (per product defined options)
    • Set Product Specific Options Prices (per product)
    • Select Create Product

Note: $0.00 products do NOT show online

The gourmet sandwich should be configured with variable price, because a salmon gourmet sandwich is not an add-on to a chicken gourmet sandwich. Also a fixed price $0.00 gourmet sandwich with modifiers chicken, salmon and steak won't show online.