Introduction to Wrapped Gift Cards

Sell more gift cards and delight customers with the flexibility they expect - the ability to spend both in-store and online, wrapped into the same gift card.

Wrapped is in a closed beta release! Get in touch if you'd like to take part.

Head to to get a head start with a free trial!

Why Wrapped

You might have tried Bopple Gift Cards, our no-added-cost digital gift card feature, and felt like you needed something more for your business. Wrapped is just for you, with 

⭐ Convenience and flexibility

Offer gift cards that can be used wherever the recipient chooses to shop with you—in-store, online, or a combination of both. Put an end to time-consuming work-arounds and difficult customer conversations.

⭐ Seamless POS and ecommerce integrations

Create and manage gift cards across point-of-sale and ecommerce channels, and keep balances up-to-date everywhere so you can have total confidence wherever gift card credit is being used. 

  • Bopple, customers can redeem gift cards when ordering online
  • Lightspeed O-Series (Kounta) POS, sell and redeem gift cards in your point-of-sale
  • Shopify, offer gift card sales and redemptions across the Shopify platform
  • Marsello, customers can claim gift card as loyalty reward [coming soon!]
  • and many more...

⭐ Create a delightful gifting experience

Give gift card buyers personalisation options to send a gift with love. Let them choose from a selection of branded designs, upload a video message, and schedule sending for a special day. Or keep it simple with a digital card design that matches your physical cards. 

⭐ Other features...

  • Gift card manager dashboard
  • Import gift cards from other systems
  • Create gift cards in bulk
  • Physical gift card integration
  • Apple Wallet integration
  • Gift card designer
  • Custom email notifications
  • Online balance checker

How Wrapped and Bopple work together

All of the built-in functionality that Wrapped provides is available to you from day 1, including the gift card management dashboard, issuing gift cards, customisable gift card emails, online balance checker etc.

Below we've outlined just the specifics of how Bopple and Wrapped work together. 

Integration setup

  • You create your Wrapped account via 
  • Our specialists can help you connect Wrapped and Bopple

Gift card redemptions

  • Customers can enter their gift card code at checkout in your Bopple-powered online store or mobile apps (max. 8 characters, alphanumeric codes)
  • Bopple checks the balance of the gift card in Wrapped
  • Any balance available is applied against the payment due for the order
  • Gift card balance is adjusted when the order is placed
  • If you refund the order, the gift card balance is adjusted accordingly

[Coming soon]

  • Customers can purchase Wrapped Gift Cards in your Bopple store or app
  • Support for longer Gift Card codes when redeeming at checkout

Wrapped is in a closed beta release! Get in touch if you'd like to take part.

Head to to get a head start with a free trial!