Auto-progress orders

Remove the task of manually marking orders ready and completed so your staff can focus on delivering a great customer experience.

Who this is for

You'll love this automated experience if you:  

⭐ Use an integrated POS, or Bopple Orders Manager (non-integrated)

⭐ Want to automatically notify customers that their order is ready

⭐ Want to minimise manual order processing in your POS or Orders Manager

Using Lightspeed Kounta? If you would prefer to skip accepted orders straight to your POS History, use Complete When Paid

Get started with Auto-progress

If you'd like to make use of this workflow setting, please get in touch with our specialists using the live chat option below or by emailing 

How it works

  • Once accepted, orders automatically transition to the next statuses
    • AcceptedReady, based on the prep time assigned to the order
    • ReadyCompleted, 60min after store close time
  • Automated status changes will be visible to customers, and will trigger SMS/push notifications when orders are updated to "Ready" (ASAP orders only, learn more)
  • Automated status changes will also be reflected in your point-of-sale, further streamlining your order management

Using Lightspeed Kounta?

The automatic ReadyCompleted order status transition in Bopple cannot be sent to Lightspeed Kounta POS.

You have two options here: 

  1. Use Complete When Paid to skip accepted orders straight to your POS History
  2. Keep orders visible in the "Online" tab in your POS by adjusting your "Choose when to complete online orders setting via Lightspeed Back Office ➜ My Site ➜ Site Information ➜ Online order settings

Oct-09-2023 17-06-57